Photo Album

Here are some photos that I wanted to share from my harness racing camp. This page contains thumbnail images that you can click on to see the larger photo. You can use the arrows on the top of the page to see the next or previous photo or you can return back to this thumbnail page. Hope you like it.

Massages for horses!









We’re in the     truck!


All the teams

The vet


Lucky (the horse)

You have to pick their hooves.

It doesn’t hurt the horse.



Got to check his teeth


We’re going to play a horse game.

It’s a fun game.



Run, run, run.







Maggie(the adult)

Jennifer and me getting off the jog cart.

Me grooming the horse.

Walking the horse out.

Washing the horse.

Petie(the horse)


Washing the harness.

Kelsey and I washing the harness.



Washing the jog cart.

My friend, the horse and I.

My friends and I


Washing the horse.



One of my friends.


Washing the harness again.


Grooming Petie (the horse).

Getting on the jog cart.


On the track.


Cleaning him again.






My friends and family cheering me on.


Here we go!!!



Sanda is first...

Is it a tie?

Whoo! I won!



The winner circle




Having cake!





My partner and I

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